Title: CSF-1: Suture / Muscle Relationships and The 13-Step Protocol of Sutural Releases
October 3-4th 2020, Warsaw, Poland
June 6-7th 2020, Horseheads Comprehensive Physical Therapy, P.C., 2758 Westinghouse Road, Horseheads, NY 14845
Instructors: Michal Niedzielski, PT, PRC (US and Poland Courses); Flo Barber-Hancock, LMT, PhD (US Courses)
Total CE hours: 16
This workshop is a prerequisite for both CSF-2 & CSI
Program Description: CSF-1 is a two-day course, the first workshop of the CranioSomatic Therapy series.

The primary objective of this workshop is to assist the participants in developing their ability to locate sutures and to release sutural restrictions. The need for these skills is based on the clinical observation (assesment) that restriction of a suture, or a part thereof for longer sutures, has been shown to result in inhibition (weakening) of one or more specific muscles. To confirm these suture / muscle relationships, Applied Kinesiology (AK) procedures of Manual Muscle Testing (MMT) and Therapy Localization (TL) and Challenge (CH) will be presented and utilized. If a positive localization to the suture (indicating possible sutural restriction) occurs, the related muscle(s) should test weak. After the suture has been released, the muscle(s) should tests strong.

The second objective of this workshop is for participants to become confident in performing the 13-Step Protocol of Sutural Releases for the vault and facial regions. This routine is performed at the end of each treatment session, but can be performed anytime as a stand-alone procedure. It can even (also) be used for self-care.

Realistic three-dimensional models will be available to facilitate understanding, with ample table-time for practice. The course concludes with ways participants can incorporate the CranioSomatic concepts, evaluation techniques, and cranial releases into their clinical practice. Sutural releases and this Protocol are integral parts of all CranioSomatic modules.

Program Objectives: At the end of this program, participants will be able to:


  1. State the central concepts of CranioSomatic Therapy
  2. Name and locate the 8 cranial vault bones on themselves, a partner, or model skull
  3. Name and locate 5 vault sutures on themselves, a partner, or model skull
  4. Name and locate 4 facial sutures on themselves, a partner or model skull
  5. Describe 3 categories of sutures
    Clinical: Assessment & Treatment Techniques
  6. Demonstrate Manual Muscle Testing for three muscles/muscle groups
  7. Use Therapy Localization techniques from AK to identify three sutural restrictions
  8. Demonstrate one CranioSomatic relationships between upper & lower extremity musculoskeletal functions and the cranium using MMT and TL
  9. Perform the 13-Step Protocol of Sutural Releases
  10. Demonstrate two pre- and post- evaluations related to the 13-Step Protocol
  11. Describe two ways to integrate CSF-1 into an existing practice

Program Topics:

  • History of cranial therapy & CranioSomatic concepts
  • Evaluation methods: Three Applied Kinesiology procedures (MMT, TL, CH)
  • Cranial bone anatomy
  • Cranial mobility
  • Muscle / suture relationships & treatment concepts
  • The 13-Step Protocol:
    1. Techniques for the superior vault, #1-3, #4-5
    2. Techniques for the facial region, #6-8 (Intraoral)
    3. Techniques for the lateral vault , #9
    4. Techniques for Zygomatic bones #10-13
    5. Applying the 13-Step Protocol

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