Dr. Hancock is founder and president of Hancock CranioSomatic Institute. He also maintains an active clinical practice as the owner and director of Hancock Holistic Clinic in Tampa, Florida (founded in 1976 as Hancock Chiropractic Clinic). His Ph.D. specialization was Neuromusculoskeletal Structure and Function. Focusing on cranial therapy as his specialty, Dr. Hancock has developed many new cranial evaluation and treatment procedures, which he teaches through Hancock CranioSomatic Institute in the United States and internationally. His holistic CranioStructural Integration® is an integrated treatment approach, demonstrating the complex interrelationships between cranial components and somatic components, particularly the musculoskeletal aspects of structure and function. His programs incorporate Applied Kinesiology concepts and applications extensively in evaluation and verification procedures.
Dr. Hancock began utilizing cranial techniques in 1974 and has studied the cranial techniques presented by Drs. DeJarnette, Gehin, Goodheart, Magoun, Stober, Sutherland, Upledger, Walther, and others. He has also explored structural/functional and mind/body relationships, taking workshops in Feldenkrais, yoga, meditation, Touch for Health, shiatsu, acupuncture, polarity, hypnosis, and various myofascial techniques. He began teaching workshops in alternative therapies in 1975. He began teaching his own structural cranial techniques in 1989. In partnership with his wife, Flo Barber-Hancock, Dr. Hancock has continued to develop a deeper understanding of cranial / somatic relationships and a more extensive program in CranioSomatics.


Doctor of Philosophy: Specialization: ‘Neuromusculoskeletal Structure & Function’ / Union Institute & University / Cincinnati, OH
Masters of Science degree: Management & Business / National-Louis University / Wheeling, IL
Massage and Hydrotherapy: Suncoast School of Massage / Tampa, FL (500 hour Certification)
Doctor of Chiropractic degree: Los Angeles College of Chiropractic / Whittier, CA
Bachelors degree: Biology / Los Angeles College of Chiropractic / Whittier, CA

Unique skills (when compared with competitors)

His identification and understanding of the relationships between cranial sutures and muscle function throughout the body is unmatched by anyone.
His ‘mechanical engineering’ understanding of the cranium, and how the osseous components respond to somatic muscle function in reciprocal relationships, is not only amazing, but unique.

Dr. Hancock’s deep understanding of osseous cranial anatomy and function of the cranial bones in response to sphenobasilar (SBS) patterns is outstanding.

Advanced Trainings

Modern and Classic Acupuncture / Acupuncture Society of America / Tampa, FL (100 hours)
Postural Integration / Tampa, FL (150 hours)
Applied Kinesiology / International College of Applied Kinesiology /Orlando, FL (100 hours)
Touch for Health / Pasadena, CA (Instructor Training)

Professional Achievements

Articles / Publications

2018 – CranioSomatic Therapy: A New Paradigm. Flo Barber-Hancock & G. Dallas Hancock. February 2018 in “Fizjoterapia Funkcjonalna”. Vol. 2 (11) 2543-9545

2011 – Dissertation: A New Diagnostic Approach and Innovative Cranial Treatment Procedures for Chronic Neuromusculoskeletal Patterns: A Manual and Contextual Essay. (2011). Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH.

2000 – “CranioSomatics: Compensatory relationships”. AMTA Florida. Spring, 2000.

1992 – Craniosacral Technique and Its Relationship to Total Body Structure andFunction’. Massage Magazine. Issue #37, May/June 1992.

1991 – Craniosacral Technique and Its Relationship to Total Body Structure and Function’. The Massage Message. Vol. 6, No. #2, Summer 1991.

Educational DVDs
2017 CranioSomatic Therapy: The 13-Step Protocol. DVD. (54 minutes)
2013 CranioSomatic Therapy: Sutural Releases. DVD. (1 hour 33 minutes)
2012 CranioStructural Integration. DVD. (1 hour 20 minutes)

Workshop Texts (self-published)
1995 – 2018 CranioSomatic Foundations-1, G. Dallas Hancock, DC, Ph.D. Text: 108 p
1997 – 2018 CranioSomatic Foundations -2, G. Dallas Hancock, DC, Ph.D. Text: 139 p
1993 – 2018 CranioStructural Integration, G. Dallas Hancock, DC, Ph.D. Text: 195 p

Workshop Presentations on Cranial Techniques

1998 – present
Dr. Hancock has personally conducted cranial workshop series in more than a dozen cities in the eastern half of the United States. International locations have been in Canada, Germany, Austria, South Korea, and Taiwan.
The student base for these workshops is diverse and reflects the sponsoring organizations. Participants have included allopathic physicians, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, dentists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other practitioners. The material in these workshops presents an interdisciplinary approach to cranial procedures and has a broad range of applications for practitioners in diverse healthcare fields. Canadian and South Korean workshops, in particular, have enjoyed support from dental groups because of the reciprocal interrelationships that are demonstrated between postural compensations and compensations of the maxillofacial complex and the cranial vault bones.